Meet the Team Pitcher Competitors
Competing takes much sacrifice for both the competitors and their families. They can be proud that they have done the work and stayed dedicated, taking their bodies and minds to a new level of achievement.  

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Kris Pitcher
National Level Figure
Ronny Adams- Year One
Karly Gomez
National Level Figure
Ben Regules
Jacques Pitcher

9th-2015 NPC Nationals Bantam Wt.
12th-2014 NPC Nationals Lt. Wt.
9th-2013 NPC Nationals Lt. Wt.
9th-2012 NPC Nationals Lt. Wt.
12th-2011 NPC Nationals Lt. Wt.
1st-2011 NPC Night of Champions Middle Wt.
1st-2010 NPC Bill Pearl Classic Lt. Wt.
1st-2010 NPC Empire Classic Lt. Wt.
1st-2010 NPC Big Sky Championships Welter 
1st-2009 NPC Seven Feathers Middle Wt.
1st-2006 INBF Muscle Showdown Bantam Wt. 
2nd-2000 NPC Washington Ironman Novice
NPC Regional Judge 

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Ronnie Adams- Year Two
2nd Place Lt. Heavy 2011 Big Sky Championships 3rd Place Lt. Heavy 2011 Empire Classic

Tom Pipkin- 1st Place 2011 Big Sky Championships
Rebecca Anderson
3rd Place Bikini 2011 Empire Classic
Kaelyn Odd
5th Place Figure 2011 Empire Classic
1st Bikini 2011 Night of Champions
Grant Smith
1st 2011 Night of Champions Lt. Wt.
Gary Rose
3rd 2011 Night of Champions Bantam
Victoria Chanel
3rd Bikini 2011 Night of Champions
Ray Routh- 2011 Overall Novice Iron Mountain Championships
Ashley Hughes

Renee Spores
6th Bikini C 2012 Empire Classic
Lacey (Davis) Bang
2nd Bikini A 2012 Empire Classic
Mandy Judd
2nd Bikini C 2012 Empire Classic
Candace Daims
4th Bikini C 2012 Empire Classic
Jennika Hill
4th Physique 2012 Empire Classic
Gavin Wagner
7th Physique 2012 Empire Classic
Ronnie Adams
5th Physique 2012 Emerald Cup
Katie Scardina
5th place 2012 Night of Champions
Stacy Gourley
9th place 2012 Night of Champions
JJ Guercio
5th place 2012 Night of Champions
Jimmy Everett
Physique Athlete/Model
Candace Rose Carter
Christopher Allen Ness & Jesse Hedeen
Dr. David Malone
Natasha Manase Peay Hershey
Chris Nelson
Dalene Zieske
Kathy Gentry
Keaton Brown
Matt Maiwald
Matt Maiwald
Justin Folkins
Gary Martini
Life Competitor
Jordan Engebretson
Machaela Copenhaver
WA State Overall Champion
Ronda Hossfeld
Tony Manzo
Brandon Morscheck
Raima Cash
Heather Alderson
Winner of Everything...
Downtown Julie Brown
Lindsey Martin
Amelia Cook
Jeni Dillon
Tawnya O'Keefe
Bryce Dressler
Felicia Sanders
Alayna Ford
Jordan Graeme
Edie LaBelle
Skyler Ryder
Nicole Gyurkovits
Austin Combs
Emma Ohlstrom
Sachin Kakkar
Carli Eich
Staci Navin & Kharis Goldman
Diego Anaya
Luis Brito
Sandra & Bella Gunn
Moe Ahmed
Heather Alderson