Customer Testimonials
I first Meet Jacques a few months before my first Body Building competition. I used his posing services at that time. The Pitcher team is amazing. Getting ready for a competition for the first time is nerve racking and scary in some ways. I had no idea how to pose or what to expect on stage and off. He helped me in so many ways. How to properly pose for my body type (Lets be honest I have hips I needed the help), helped me through some family resistance and helped a ton backstage. Kris and Jacques made backstage so much more fun. They helped me with suit choices, spray tan advice, hair and makeup, a first pump before walking on stage and all the little things in between.  A year later I officially joined team Pitcher for lifestyle fitness and health. I trained with him twice a week off and on for almost two years. Jacques's approach to lifting is simple and safe. I have trained with a handful of different trainers and I love his workouts. I saw results I have never seen in my strength. He helped me lift more weight safely than I ever thought imagined. Feeling strong and confident is what we all work so hard for. His off season meal plan is simple. When I fell of the wagon from time to time he would challenge me as to why I did it verse shaking his finger at me. He helped me understand why I eat and how to avoid pitfalls that could derail me from my goals. I did not step on another NPC stage, but I wanted to prep a few months as if I would have. I saw even more amazing results in two months being dialed into a more restricted meal plan and increasing my cardio. I was thrilled with the results and felt amazing. If I where to do another NPC competition I would use their service over anyone else in the Spokane and Coeur D'Alene area. They are the best. If you are looking to do your first body building competition or just looking to lose some weight and eat better they are the team to join. 

Carli Eich

I can't thank Jacques enough for helping me prepare for my first figure competition this year.  He is so professional and he knows what he is doing.  I have Lupus and a hip injury that I am still dealing with so it was important to me to make sure that whomever was training me for my contest preparation would have my best interest at heart when it came to being safe and healthy.  Jacques did just this.  You often times see & hear lots of strange and unhealthy things being done to prepare for a figure competition but I didn't have to personally experience them at any time during my contest preparation.  Jacques made sure I was getting all the nutrition I needed and training that was safe and beneficial to my specific needs.  He also was great in showing me how to pose and walk in preparation for the judging. I live in Pullman, WA, so we kept in contact via: email and he was excellent about answering all of my questions & concerns.  He was also right there for me at my competition which helped so much! Because of Jacques, I was able to go to my first competition prepared, calm and confident.  I am officially hooked on competing and I can't wait for my next event.  I highly recommend Jacques Pitcher to anyone who wants to compete or just become healthy and fit.  Thank you again Jacques!
Karly Gomez
1st place Figure Class C- Washington Ironman
1st and overall Night of Champions
National Level Competitor 
Pullman, WA

(...excerpt from Karly's Blog)
When training for a figure competition or bodybuilding for that mattr, people often mistake that it is a very individualized sport.  Yes, there is some truth to it.  I am the one who pushes myself, makes the choices, does the exercises, follows the diet, but what people don’t realize is that there are others involved in the preparation. 
When I first started out, it was just my husband and I and I must say that Manuel has done a phenomenal job.  He is extremely supportive and  knowledgeable in how to properly build a physique.  He has been at my side this whole time and I really appreciate all the time and effort he has put into my preparation.  We have also learned a lot about diet through this process.  What we had no clue about, was what the whole competition scene was going to be like and what the rules and requirements were.  This, is how I met the Pitchers. 
We met in February of last year and Jacques taught me all there is to know about posing, additional diet tips, the NPC rules, what to expect at a show, how to prepare before, during and after a competition and let me tell you… I am so glad I had his help and I am thrilled that I am on board as a team member with Team Pitcher!
There is a lot of preparation that goes into planning a diet and training for a competition.  Even more challenging is that everyone’s body reacts differently and some of us have other complications like Lupus and injuries that makes the job of someone like Jacques even harder.  Thankfully, Jacques is very careful, a planner, and very knowledgeable in his field.   Never, ever, will you see Jacques hand me a rice cake with jam or peanut butter on it and tell me to eat it.  Nope, he is very concerned about making sure that I eat correctly and eat nutritious food that is beneficial to my body.  Strange and unhealthy tactics are not what he is about at all.  Careful planning, accountability, guidance, education,  and the ability to make tweaks in my diet and exercise to get the maximum results are what he is about.
What is even more amazing, is that we are 2 hours away from each other.  I made the trip up to do posing and detail work about diet and training for my very first competition, but everything else we have done has been over email.  Through this whole time, I have felt like he has been right by my side.  Listening and answering all the questions that my husband and I have and carefully planning the right strategies for me.  You know a personal trainer is exceptional at what they do, when they can get you great results by coaching you from 2 hours away. 
Why is it important to be apart of a team?  Motivation, support, honest feedback, diet planning, training, posing practice, and more.  There are so many details that you have to cover when you decide to compete.  Don’t do it alone.  Have the help and guidance so that you can enjoy and get the best experience you can out of your preparation and competition.  I know that I am apart of a team that is sincere and truly cares about the well-being of their team members.
If you are looking to compete, or are competing now and are looking for a supportive and amazing team to be apart of, than you need to check out this website and make your call to Jacques Pitcher.

Karly Gomez
1st Place Figure- WA Iron Man
Pullman, WA

When I started training for my first NPC Figure competition, I knew I would need help with posing. I  turned to Jacques and Kris Pitcher. They taught me the mandatory poses, how to present well on stage, and walked me through the ins and outs of what would happen competition day. They also showed me where to purchase my suit, shoes, makeup, etc. On the day of the show, Jacques and Kris were both there to answer last minute diet questions and help with backstage preparation. Kris was literally hands on, fixing my suit, applying Bikini Bite, and putting on my posing oil! Their advice and knowledge helped me to place 2nd in my first figure competition! 
 Thanks for everything Jacques and Kris!

 Tiana Walter
2nd place Figure- Empire Classic

I always wanted to get on stage and show what I have because you work so hard at staying in shape. It's fun to be able to showcase it. It took a friend to give me the final shove to get on stage to compete, but now I'm addicted!

I met Jacques at my first show. He was also competing, and I really appreciated how cool and confident his posing came across on stage and really wanted to learn the technique. This is how I got connected with Team Pitcher. 

Having goals and writing out the plan - and then sticking to it no matter what has made all the difference in my training this year. When your plan is right there in front of you it's hard to break that commitment to yourself. When you wing it you're constantly changing things.

People don't stand for much on their own. With the hard times it's God who can pull you back to your plan and keep you smiling and moving forward. My faith makes a big difference in my life, including competing.

Working with Jacques has elevated the level of competition for me tremendously. Without help there's no way to do this. Having a friend and trainer makes the journey through the diet bearable and fun. I wouldn't be where I am without him. 

Jacques is knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Which is everything you need in a coach to succeed. 

Ronnie Adams
2nd place- Lt. Heavy Big Sky Championships
3rd place- Lt. Heavy Empire Classic
Bossier City, LA

I met Jacques Pitcher in July 2010 as I was getting ready for a powerlifting contest.  We talked about how nutrition affected performance and I admitted that my nutrition consisted of eating whatever sounded good and was easiest to prepare.  The only difference from the average person with that "plan" was that I tried to make sure I got some extra protein each day, since I was trying to build muscle.  I knew that nutrition was important, but I had gotten lazy, and eventually given up on trying to eat right.  Jacques and I talked a few times leading up to my competition in September and we agreed that he would help me with my nutrition as I prepared for my next contest, and I would follow the plan and see how much he could help me improve.

At my contest in September 2010 I lifted 550 pounds in the Bench Press and 800 pounds in the Deadlift at a bodyweight of 350 pounds.  Those were both personal bests, so Jacques had his work cut out for him if he wanted me to lift even more at my next competition.

Jacques gave me a number of questions about what I liked to eat and what I was willing to eat.  He knew that I would have a hard time following a nutrition plan that didn't taste good.  He also asked about my daily schedule so that we could make this plan as easy to stick with as possible.  The plan he put together had me eating more protein than I had eaten before, and plenty of quality carbs and healthy fats.  It took a few weeks to get used to following a plan, but once I did, it actually wasn't that difficult.

I was having great success with my strength while following this nutrition plan.
I injured my chest muscle twice while training for my contest in February 2011 (which wasn't unusual for me), so I knew that I would not be able to lift heavy in the Bench Press.  I decided to focus on the Deadlift and see just how much I could lift.  When contest day came, I was able to lift a National Record of 830 pounds!  I actually almost lifted 850 pounds on my final attempt, but failed due to poor lifting form.

I definitely have to thank Jacques Pitcher for helping me reach a new level of strength with his nutrition plan.  Go Team Pitcher!”

Aaron Anderton

When I first started training for my first show I had no idea just how much hard work and dedication it was actually going to take. Aside from all of the dieting and weight training there is also proper posing technique.  Knowing nothing about posing, a close friend referred me to Jacques Pitcher for coaching. Since I live so far away from Jacques, he was more than willing to work around my busy schedule to make himself available to help me. I can't say enough about how pleased I was with Jacques' training, if not for him I would never have stood a chance at winning my first show. You can be the biggest and most lean bodybuilder on stage but if you don't know how to properly pose you won't be a champion. Thank you Jacques for making my dream a reality I couldn't have done it without you!

Tom Pipkin
1st place- Lightweight Big Sky Championships
Kellogg, ID

  To start off I just have to say Jacques Pitcher is an amazing trainer! I recently competed in my first figure competition.  I was originally referred to another couple to train me, and I had a really bad experience.  This made me doubt whether I wanted to compete in the first place. Rather than just quit, I knew that there had to be another trainer out there that would change my mind.  I spoke with Jacques on the phone, and he immediately helped me believe that I was right.  I knew after speaking with him that I still really wanted to compete. He is very professional and organized.  He asks many questions to truly find out his clients individual needs, which was great for me as I have minor gluten and dairy intolerances.  He customized a diet plan for me and checked in frequently to keep me motivated and on track. He and his wife Kris helped me learn how to pose.  It was nice having another women there for that part of the training and any other girlie advice.  It really helped me feel at ease.  It was like the best of both worlds :)  Competitions are supposed to be fun, and Jacques' style allows that to happen. Jacques is very knowledgeable about all aspects of diet and fitness.  He is a successful bodybuilder himself, which builds his creditability.  I ended up placing 5th in my first competition, and I am hooked. I look forward to working with Jacques in the future, and highly recommend him to anyone who wants a trainer that is going to meet your needs and motivate you every step of the way.I promise you will never feel alone!  I never once had a question that he couldn't answer.  He knows his stuff!! I can't thank him enough, and I am so excited to start training again for my next show !!! :) 

Kaelyn Bingham
5th place Figure Empire Classic
Post Falls, ID

Challenging ourselves is scary. And for many of us, verbalizing something we want is just counter-culture. We lead lives where everyone else comes first. Sound familiar? I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember & I’ve started and quit a lot of things. 
But last winter I found the courage to tell Jacques that I wanted to train for a bodybuilding contest. That confession began my 20 week transformation. In expressing that dream out loud, two things created an “a-ha” moment for me, Jacques believed in me, and I actually believed in myself. We really became, Team Pitcher.
He designed a comprehensive plan that included ongoing assessment, training, & nutritional coaching. Based on my progress each week, he made adjustments. He listened to my concerns and fears along the way with encouragement, never dismissal. Jacques taught me compulsory posing, and helped me choreograph a routine. By April, I was ready! I hit the stage feeling a sense of pride that I’d never felt before. And with 3 trophies gracing the mantle, I’m reminded of the knowledge, support, and dedication that Jacques brings to the process. The only question is…what’s your dream? 

Kristine Pitcher 
1st Place Lt. Weight and Overall Winner- Night of Champions
4th Place Masters Nationals

I hired Jacques while in my first year of study in a highly ranked graduate dance program. I was 32 and had struggled since childhood with scoliosis and a genetic hypermobility that resulted in two knee surgeries, recurring partial dislocations of both shoulders, problems with all regions of my spine and countless ankle sprains. 

Clearly blowing the technique audition, I knew that I had been accepted to the program based on my teaching audition, choreography and interview. In class I found that I couldn’t keep up. My strength to weight ratio was insufficient. I couldn’t move fast enough, jump high enough or hold my leg at the right angle in space. I figured I had 25 pounds to lose and significant strength to gain and that task seemed utterly daunting with all of the demands on my time.  I needed a partner in the process.  Perhaps most of all, I needed someone to keep me safe and to pace my training.

With Jacques’s help, I did lose the weight and completely transformed my appearance. I was soon a very athletic 16% body fat and no longer felt self-conscious amongst my peers – many of whom had bodies that conformed to the more traditional ballerina aesthetic. People started approaching me and asking me if I was a dancer. When I’d respond affirmatively, they’d say “I just knew it!”  All of this was a huge boost to my self-esteem.

Far more important than any aesthetic transformation was the improvement in function.  Jacques did not just put me through a “standard” program.  He watched me perform, analyzed my challenges and designed workouts that produced improvements in raw strength and in my dance technique.  He created a strength training regimen for me that included dance elements.  After a few months my professors and peers were asking what happened to me.  A ballet professor pulled me aside and said “At the start of the term you were at the bottom of the class.  Now you’re performing in the top third.  What did you do?”  A classmate was baffled by the fact that I could suddenly jump much higher than her.  Another pulled me aside, saying, “a bunch of us have been talking about you and have been wondering what you’ve been doing to change your body and your dancing.  I finally decided I should just ask you because, frankly, I want your butt.”  

While working with Jacques, I was injury free.  My performance opportunities increased and as more people watched me on stage, more people asked me to dance for them.  I was so pleased with what the Team Pitcher philosophy did for me, that I eventually said “you know, Jacques, this could be a total niche for you. You could market yourself to train dancers.”  He replied “Or YOU could.”  I have since become a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. I currently work full time in the fitness industry. BUT, I still seek advice and guidance from Team Pitcher. 

Over the years I have watched Jacques mentor, guide and partner with many individuals with very different goals.  He approaches every client’s needs uniquely.  He will not promise to change your life; with his guidance, you will change your own. Are you ready?

Nicole Manus

I had been in and out of the gym for years, and while I was interested in a healthier lifestyle, I never was able to really commit to the process. A thoughtful gift from my dad for personal training was just the motivation I needed. Jacques is highly knowledgeable and professional, and yet provided me with a friendly and supportive environment in which to work towards my goals. I enjoyed my time with him and was pleased to see significant results on both the scale and the tape measure. I would be happy to recommend his services to any of my friends or colleagues.

Erin K. Bailey
DJ ekb*
Miami, FL

I was 63 years old and more than 60 pounds over weight when I moved to Spokane.  I could neither walk without a walking stick or walk up stairs normally; I had to take one step at a time. Yes, I felt old!

 My problems with Osteoarthritis were compounded by my weight causing knee and back problems.  I began my journey with Jacques in November of 2008 and have been amazed at my transition into weight loss, better health and strength gained in the past year.  I was able to lose almost 40 pounds and gain lean body mass while doing it.  Jacques' eating program is the only plan I have lost weight on in many years. 

 I am looking forward to 2010 when I will lose the remaining extra pounds I have been carrying for years.  I don't recognize myself when seeing my reflection in the glass door as I enter a shop.  I no longer mentally beat myself up for being FAT!  Jacques has adjusted my program in the gym, always being considerate of the limitations of my back and knees as well as my mental approach to life long fitness and weight control .  I feel so much better and stronger thanks to Jacques continued efforts on my behalf.  I cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back.

Diane Fink
Newman Lake, WA

I have had Jacques as a personal trainer for over 2 years. He has helped me through physical injuries, mental challenges, diet, and weight gains issue. He continues to push me to be my best, and is also considerate of current issues that I may be dealing with. He also helped me heal from a very sore back injury, and helped me to gain core strength to prevent it from happening again.

We meet weekly, and focus on the "workout” that he has planned for me. This is always a challenge, and I feel very good when I have completed the series of tasks.

He is a joy to talk to, always very informative in a number of topics. He is very easy to work with a mild mannerism, but can be stern when we need to get the job done.

I would recommend Jacques to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer, and even more so if this is a long term plan for your future. He is someone that you would enjoy meeting with weekly.

Charlotte Graves
Otis Orchards, WA

My name is Melvin and I work in the video game industry. My job consists of sitting around the office all day, playing and testing video games for a living. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and in that time I’ve steadily gained weight to the point where my doctor said that if I don’t change my eating habits I would begin having serious health problems. 

I’ve worked off and on with Jacques for about 3 years and in that time he’s taught me about what type of workout and eating habits I should try to incorporate into my daily routine. At first, I had a very difficult time with this as I did not want to make drastic changes to what I enjoyed eating. He said that if I just make small changes to what I eat, that it would equate to making a big change over time without really noticing. He was right. Over time, my body slowly no longer wanted fast food and wanted to eat healthier and even home cooked meals. 

Now whenever I go out, most restaurants are more than willing to make changes to my order, as long as I ask nicely. Today I’ve lost about 150 lbs over the past 3 years and continue to lose weight “the right way”. 

Thanks, Jacques!
Melvin Forrest, 
Maple Valley, WA

I have spent 1 ½ to 2+ hours a day in the gym and cross training for over 25 years .

In that time I have hired many personal trainers and have been disappointed with the instruction and results every time…until I utilized the services of Jacques Pitcher.

The 2 weeks I spent training with him was eye opening, productive and enjoyable. His level of professionalism and ability to intuitively go where the client wants and needs to be is remarkable. 
He actually shortened the time of my weight routines and yet my results are far better than they had been. He accomplished the same for my wife.

I recommend him most enthusiastically and without reservation.

Paul Shields
Liberty Lake WA

Dear Jacques-
I want to thank you for your positive and inspiring were the only trainer who didn't say "it can't be done".  Seven other so-called "professional trainers" said I was nuts to try; one even said it was"impossible", and another said that at 59 years old with all of my joint, back and cardiac problems, I would kill myself trying... we now know that they were all absolutely dead wrong.  Your knowledge in diet and planning gave me confidence, your acceptance of my vision gave me hope, your workout routines provided direction, strength and focus.  With every puzzle you help me change and adapt to keep my target in sight.  I do not believe I would have completed this weight loss goal of 70 pounds in 10 weeks without your help.  I will continue to use the diet and exercise information and have begun sharing my successes with family and friends.  I'm confident the egg whites, macadamia nut oil, healthier eating and exercise will be a life long part of our lives.
I sincerely Thank You, 
David Stanzak
Spokane Valley, WA

Hey Jacques... I just want to say thank you for all of your help. You really took my progress to a new level as well as helped me to understand how my body works when working out, but also how to fuel my body efficiently to fit my goals on a natural basis. I will definitely refer your services to everyone that I know. Thanks again -

Don Clark

Hiring a Jacques to design a nutrition plan was one of the best decisions I've ever made. With the ill-formed and confusing multitudes of fad diets out there, Jacques has provided me with a nutrionally sound, results-oriented, and above all, sustainable plan. He is always available and responsive to my questions, never failing to explain the physiological reasoning behind the choices I am making each day. I feel better than I have in years. More importantly, Jacques is a self-aware, intuitive, and caring individual with a deep understanding of the more complex emotional and mental challenges behind issues with food and exercise, and this has been fundamental to my continuing success. Other nutrition/fitness professionals often unwittingly come across as judgmental and chastising. I have never had this experience with Jacques. His guidance is gentle, but firmly based in getting the results we are both looking for. We are truly a team. If you are ready to make a change and reach whatever physical goals you want to set for yourself, I would highly recommend his services.

Amy Hatvany- Author

Jacques really knows his stuff when it comes to anything fitness. He's not only an expert in diet/nutrition and bodybuilding, but knew more about running/recovery than I, and I've been doing it for nearly 7 years. Results were what I was looking for, and very worth the investment.

Vaughn Jensen

“When I started training with Jacques I had a lot of 'old school' habits around fitness. Things like you need at least an hour and a half to get a good work out in and each body part needed to be exhausted twice a week if you were going to get big results. Jacques shattered those myths right away. I learned the importance of recovery and that you actually could overtrain (at the time this sounded crazy). I learned that 20 minutes a day could yield results if you applied yourself and recovery reduced the number of nagging injuries.

At 44 these principles, along with an number of different routines he showed me, helps keep me healthy and active. It's great knowing I can keep up with my teenage boys and I believe my relationship with them is better for it.” 

Eric Elkins, Facility Manager, Lincoln Family YMCA Phx AZ

Jacques does a great job creating a training regiment that is customized for the individual. He monitors your progress and adjusts the work out to match your development. He is extremely knowledgeable as a personal trainer and does an outstanding job motivating his clients.

Troy Ford

For  20 years, I have been involved in health and fitness in various areas.  I have taught martial arts for 15 years, weightlifter for 20 years and am a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise.  I have been attending Liberty Lake Athletic Club 5 days a week for the past 5 years, I have watched Jacques train hundreds of clients.  One client of his is a good friend of mine and was my work out partner for over a year and then hired Jacques to take him to the next level.  He did just that, within a few months I noticed a huge change in his physique.  Jacques personalized a nutrition and training program that took my friend from a normal physically fit person, to competition ready.   He entered a bodybuilding competition and did well.  Without even hiring Jacques I have greatly improved myself in the gym just by asking him questions.  Just one example is, I told Jacques that my shoulder hurt while bench pressing he showed me a stretch to do prior to benching, and to squeeze my scapulas toward each other while benching.  That advise totally took the pain away.  I have no vested interest in recommending Jacques to people, but I find myself doing it often and have for years.  
    Jacques Pitcher is a very professional personal trainer with a kind demeanor, and has an encyclopedia type knowledge.  Whether you are just entering a gym for the first time in your life, or you are a professional bodybuilder. I am completely confident that Jacques can help you accomplish you goals. 
If you have any questions feel free to email me
Clint Castleman

Team Pitcher came to my rescue!! I spent the four years of my bodybuilding career with a nutritionist whom I finally realized was steering me in the wrong direction. I was forced to let him go two weeks prior to my last two shows. Jacques saw me at my first show and by the time I got home, he had emailed me with a new plan which was a complete 180 from what I was used to. I jumped on his program and had much better results in my last two shows, and actually enjoyed the diet I was on. The people around me enjoyed me much better too as I wasnt so cranky. The best thing about Jacques, is that he sincerely cared about my results and called often to see how I was doing. I highly recomend Team Pitcher to everyone weither it be contest prep or just weight or nutrition counceling. His knowledge as well as his personality and passion are among the best in the business!!!!

Jerry Berger
Bend, OR

I wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to Team Pitcher for getting my butt (literally) on track.

I was the gal that thought it perfectly appropriate to have a sugar cookie and a white chocolate coconut mocha for breakfast, and adventure to McDonald's to lunch, and a mini pizza for dinner.  I ate for convenience and not for nutrition.  It wasn't until I enlisted the help of Team Pitcher that I realized just how much what you eat effects how you feel - and ultimately what you do.

With their support and knowledge I was able to pull myself out of the garbage gut gutter, and eat like a person running 40+ miles a week, because I was!!  I felt better, slept better, ran better, and didn't feel the need to have emotional meltdowns every other day.

The new training rules allowed me to still have my favorite treats, but in moderation (ahhhhh, that's the secret).  Working fro-yo into my training schedule was a huge morale boost, and who would deny me that :)

I recommend working with them no matter what your training/life/weight goals are in the New Year.  It will be worth the time and effort (and really, the hard part is done for you).

Hats off to you Team Pitcher - I appreciate you and your guidance so very much!!!

May your day be filled with great advice.

Andrea Farmer
Colfax, WA

When my friends and I all decided to get in shape and compete for the first time in the Empire Classic Bikini division, we each started out with another trainer.  After not getting the guidance and support we felt we deserved, all of us ended up turning instead to Jacques and Kris Pitcher.  The difference was night and day.  Jacques can do the Bikini strut and poses better than the girls we ended up competing against!  I worked with Jacques and Kris weekly on posing and while I did not place in the top 5 for my first competition, I felt very confident on stage.  I can tell you I wouldn’t have ended up going through with the competition without the support both of them provided

They guided me through all of the pre-contest diet tips, workouts, suit selection, tanning and makeup.  Jacques was available24/7 for questions and got back to me fast any time I texted or called him.

I will definitely use Team Pitcher when I ramp up for the fall season.  I would recommend them both to anyone looking to break into the competition scene!

Renee Spores
6th Place Bikini C Empire Classic

As someone who lost a lot of weight, when I began to think about doing my first bikini competition the thing that was most important to me, was "Is a contest diet going to make me rebound afterward?" As I had heard of girls gaining 20+ pounds within weeks after their first competition. Jacques Pitcher was very cognizant of this and any other concern I had. Jacques was patient when I had to send him multiple long emails every week, kind when I needed to vent, and encouraging when I felt down. And he coached me beyond competing to healthy normal living and eating. 
There is no way I could have stepped on that stage with a trainer who was anything but what Jacques brought to the table. And there is no way I could have transitioned back into comfortable healthy eating without his support and guidance. No one sees my potential more than Jacques and I recommend him to friends & gym acquaintances on a daily basis to anyone who wants to simply lose weight & tone up or to anyone who is even considering competing. Jacques can do it all!"

Lacey Davis
2nd Place Bikini A Empire Classic

I recently trained for and participated in my first competition. There was a lot of work involved, as well as some surprises and it turned out to be a great learning experience, both about the sport, and myself.
Given my stubborn independent nature, I opted for training on my own at the gym. I received valuable information and tips from many different resources which proved to be very helpful & much appreciated. 
I did, however decide to join a team for my competition and am very glad I did! There was so much with dietary planning, supplements, etc that I hadn't thought of! The information and support I received through Team Pitcher proved to be invaluable. Having a network to answer questions, guide you, cheer you on, and congratulate you is a huge motivator! I honestly would not recommend going into any kind of serious fitness program or competition without having a trainer or a team to look to for knowledge, that extra PUSH and to save yourself from wasting effort by putting your time and energy into things that are less effective or eating the wrong things. There was never a question that I had that went unanswered, and having a trainer that has competed first hand and tells you what to expect really helped me go into the experience feeling confident and prepared. Great experience! Highly recommended.

~Candace Diams

I have always been the person like most with the yo-yo dieting and fluctuating weight, but I did know one thing I did have was determination somewhere inside but always had a problem with sticking to the life style I've always desired. Anyone who knows me well can understand how hard it is when I'm surrounded by challenges on a daily basis being a bartender working where everyone comes to party.
I woke up on my 26th birthday to leave for a weekend camping trip 30lbs over weight, hung-over, and stocking a cooler with unhealthy food and beer when I shook my head in disgust at myself and decided I needed a new direction and two weeks later I got into a gym and never gave up on myself
I met Jacques and Kris 6 months later (March 2012) I was 8 weeks away from the Empire Classic and wasn't even sure if I could make it. I had used this show as a motivation tool only and since I had come this far I thought I better try to see it through if even possible. When Jacques gave me the 100 percent honest truth I was in. I liked Jacques because he didn't sugar coat anything, he is a "no bullshit" kinda guy and the transformation I made in such short time was amazing, he told me I was going to have to work extra hard with no cheat meals in that 8 week time crunch and I couldn't have done it without him. I had the best guidance and support anyone could ask for, I had never even seen a show so I had no idea what to expect. I was given assistance with choice of suit, jewelry, hair, makeup, tan, and most of all... Posing! That was all so important because it gave me the confidence I needed to walk on that stage. The day of the show Jacques and Kris were right behind me cheering me on, and I couldn't be happier choosing Team Pitcher as my partner in many shows to come.
~Ashley Hughes

When I decided to compete again in 2011 I knew I needed to put the best package possible on stage. Just like a good attorney doesn't represent himself in court, I knew I needed objective eyes to help me along that journey, so I turned to my good friends the Pitchers. With their calm, dedicated help and partnership; not only did I represent better, but I became the NOCs Light Weight champ. Thank you Jacques and Kris you both elevate and promote the sport and help foster a feeling of community. I'm proud to not only consider you peers but more importantly great friends. 
Grant Smith
Owner- Impact Fitness


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My name is Gary Martini and I am a Team Pitcher athlete who has now completed my first stage of work with Jacques. Stage one took me two years to finish but the journey and results are now a part of my life forever.  In that time I have not only followed a plan but learned what works for me and what healthy eating is.  My education into health and fitness continues and I am looking forward to the rest of 2013 with vigor.

I had the opportunity to work with Jacques and can not begin to express how grateful I am. With his guidance we were able to give me my life back. Team Pitcher offers Individual results orientated coaching based on science, backed up with decades of experience, and packed with reliable, professional, level headed, safety conscience, dedicated personal training with supportive encouragement.

I used to be an active and productive person with 3 jobs and a wife. An on the job injury changed my life forever. In 1998 while working as a manual machinist as my primary job I suffered an injury to my lower back. L2 to S1 vertebra were injured and dislocated. I had a pinched sciatic nerve for 9 months that was so severe that I was unable to walk and the doctors prescribed narcotics that would take the pain away just enough to rest as long as I did not even roll over or move. The warning labels on the medications said, "Do NOT make any important decisions including what to have for dinner." WOW! That should have been a bigger clue looking back. When I was injured I weighed roughly 240 pounds and was 5' 10". 

I started working with Jacques in March of 2011. I was 5' 7" (back injury reduced my height by 3 full inches) and weighed 390 pounds. My back pain was still very high and I found myself unable to function in most all day to day activities.  Doing dishes or standing to cook was often met with severe pain and needing to rest for several hours after just 5 to 10 minutes of activity. 

Jacques designed a meal plan for me and told me not to even try and go for a walk or perform any type of exercise. After 20 weeks of being on this lifestyle change I went to the doctor and had a physical and extra blood work tests performed.  In the 20 weeks I had lost 60 pounds and the doctor told me I could start exercising.  I went and joined a 24 Hour Fitness located close to me in West Seattle , Washington .  At the end of 104 weeks of diet changes and a year and a half of exercise resulting in a lifestyle change for me and now my wife I have lost 168.1 pounds to bring me down to 221.9 pounds. My spine is still not 100% but working with my Chiropractor and Jacques things are working far better than I imagined they ever would.

My journey is not over and my goals are evolving as life brings me new opportunities and I accept new challenges with determination and confidence.

Gary Martini

Coaching is about giving people the right tools. Not everyone has the same job to do, though and some have more jobs than one. Some people need hammers and others need saws and some people need to have sanders. 

I had just finished my first competition. I was spiraling out of control! The rebound was beyond bad. I was desperate for advice from someone who could tell me how to stop the spiral! You see, I have a history of eating disorders and I had learned comp discipline, but not good nutrition or self-motivation. I had also had no real post comp plan.

I'd posted to get some help from my sisters in fitness. First Kris inboxed me some good ideas. I had talked to Kris online a couple times and she was so supportive of everyone! She gave me Jacques' information. He quickly got me on track to healthier eating again. 

His insight into how to use food to fuel the machine has been incredible, but he has been so much more than a nutritionist! I have never met Jacques in person, although between emails and posts from Kris and Jacques and Mouse, the cat, feel like I know him pretty well.  He is such an uplifting person! I have more than once been ready to throw in the towel and he has kept me believing that I can do this. That as I am truly ready, I will be back on stage again. He has never once beat me up over bad food choices or tried to get me to "pay" for bad decisions. He has always gently lifted me up and put me back on the right path. Okay, once or twice, I need a different tool and it was tough love, but he has been honest with me.  

Jacques has provided a whole toolkit for me. I needed some help with nutrition. I needed more help with focus. More than anything, I needed the support and belief that I could get back on a plan that would make me successful. 

He has been an incredible source of support for me in my journey, and I am so thankful for that!..


About one year ago I decided to compete in my first Figure Competition.  For over 14 years I have thought of taking the stage, but never felt equipped to take that extra step forward beyond my current training and diet.  I also didn't know the first thing about how to proceed logistically.  My first questions were things like "what does NPC stand for", or "what do you mean what class am I competing in"?  After working with another trainer for 6 months she made it clear that in order to move forward with my goals I will need to work with someone that trains specifically with competitors,  She directed me to the best.  That is how I came upon Jacques.  I started with Jacques Pitcher December 2012.  After tweaking my current diet and my workout regime I was on track for my May 11th competition.  It was in this journey that I learned not only some important tools for dieting and training, but I was also prepped for my first appearance on stage; everything from posing to makeup was covered.  Because of the coaching and mentoring that I received I went into my first competition with practically zero nerves and feeling very equipped.  I will be forever thankful for Jacques (Team Pitcher) for believing in me and my abilities and helping my long term goal of over 14 years finally come to pass.


To be honest, I'd never given any thought to competing in a figure competition - and in fact, knew next to nothing about the sport. I'd had some success at long distance running, and thought that logging 50 + miles a week with a few bicep curls here and there, and a diet that involved sufficient carbs to keep my running fueled was all I needed. In January 2010, I started training with a group that offered a boot camp typesetting with a great nutritional component. I was still running for my main cardio, and increasing my strength training, and tweaking my diet a bit here and there, and seeing some good results. In September 2012, I watched the Night of Champions competition - and I was in awe. I wanted to take it to the next level and see what I could make my body do. But I wasn't clear at all about how to make that happen.
On the recommendation of a friend, I made one of the best contacts ever, and met with Jacques Pitcher in October 2012. I laid out my background, my weight gains and losses, my insecurities, my anxiety about taking up this challenge, and my "guilt" about leaving long distance running to undertake this new pursuit.
He listened, asked questions and encouraged me to check in when I was feeling uneasy. I set my sights on the 2013 Empire Classic, and felt completely supported every step of the way. Team Pitcher operated at a level of professionalism that I admired - all of my questions were answered immediately; the Team Pitcher Facebook page was updated regularly with information and articles and inspiration I needed on my lowest days. As the show approached, the posing classes and prep sessions with regard to suits and all the other details that go into the stage package were addressed. Kris Pitcher's fitness blog covered timely topics nearly every day (she is a mind reader for all those preparing to compete and her advice and guidance was also invaluable). 
The day of the show couldn't have been more organized for Team Pitcher, and I felt fabulous and confident and proud of all that I'd accomplished with the backing of Jacques and Kris Pitcher. They are my coaches, and they are my friends. And I look forward to working with these professionals for a long time to come. 

Angie Hayes

On January 20th 2012 my son was born. Despite eating healthy and exercising throughout my pregnancy, I gained 35 pounds and was at 26% body fat! I have heard other Mothers say: "your body will never be the same after having a baby." Maybe this is true, but I wanted my body to be different in a positive way-I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. As a mother, I needed to set a good example for my son. I started exercising as soon as I got the doctor's approval. However, I was exhausted caring for my son, going to school, working, and trying to workout. I knew that I needed to set a weight loss goal to keep me motivated. This is when I decided to compete in a bikini competition, but where do I begin? I knew I could not do this alone and I needed a contest preparation coach. I browsed the internet for coaches in the Spokane area and I came across Team Pitcher and Coach Jacques. Jacques appeared to be very knowledgeable and wise in this sport. 

I met with Jacques in April 2012. I immediately knew I found the right coach and team! Jacques designed a meal plan specifically for me as a breastfeeding mother. Initially, I felt defeated because I had previously used diet pills to help me lose weight and since I was breastfeeding my contest preparation had to be 100% natural for the safety of my son. Jacques also gave me a workout plan, which was so different from what I did in the past with boxing. I trusted in him and followed this daily routine for a year leading up to my first NPC bikini competition. During this process I hit a lot of speed bumps, but Jacques and his wife Kris were always there for me, giving me the support I needed. Jacques was always a text message or call away if I had questions about ANYTHING. He is very busy with his other clients, but he always made me feel like I was a priority. Jacques genuinely cares about his clients and I can honestly say that I would not have been able to confidently compete in my first competition without him.
In one year Jacques has helped me lose 40lbs and drop 16% body fat! With his coaching I was mentally and physically ready for my first competition on April 20th 2013. I placed third and I am now nationally qualified. After hitting the stage I was hooked! I competed in my second competition on May 11th 2013 and placed third again. 
With Jacques' assistance I can now say: YES my body is not the same after having a baby, it is better than ever! His guidance has helped me get into the best shape of my life and in this contest preparation process I have learned so much about myself. I have learned the true meaning of discipline and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into a busy life. I look forward to my next competition with the assistance of Jacques Pitcher! Thank you for believing in me and helping me stay physically and mentally fit!

Mahalo nui loa,
~Natasha Peay

January 2013 I decided to give competing another try. I had completely went backwards after Empire Classic 2012. It was a huge life change for me to compete and when the show was over I went back to being impulsive about food. 
This time around I learned a lot more about myself, last year I had something to prove and this year was all about me. I made a lot of changes this time, not just my diet and workout plan. I changed my surroundings by quitting my job which lead me to quit drinking completely, and soon after I quit a long term habit of smoking.

Not only has Jacques changed my life I believe he helped me save it. If I would've never started training with Team Pitcher I would've never made these huge changes in my life. Jacques isn't only my trainer, he has become someone I look up to, someone I value and trust. 

Thank you for everything you have done for me "Boss" now let's get started on getting me Nationally Qualified in September! 

~Ashley Hughes

I met Jacques In 2010 for just a basic one time nutritional consult.  Prior to this I spent 6 plus years perfecting the art of getting fat lol.  My worst was 255 lbs of pure fat.  

After initially meeting with Jacques I tried on my own for a year or so with so so results.  In 2011 I decided to hire him fully and that's when the magic happened.  By the end of the year I was leaner than I ever anticipated.  2012 I worked with him off and on and then in January 2013 he talked me into stepping on stage this last may.  

The pics included speak for themselves.  He is not only a coach but a guy I call a friend.  He's been here for me for more than just my diet and training.  He's one of the best mental coaches I've had.  

Cannot wait to step on stage again :-)

~Justin Folkins

I have always been a pretty athletic person, having played sports through high school, serving in the USMC, and partaking in any weekend warrior sports I could find.  I always hoped to find something that I could immerse myself in that would give me the same satisfaction as my previous sports.  Upon attending a bodybuilding competition for a friend, I asked myself why I wasn’t up there- why wasn’t I pushing myself to the limits.  After 2 years I finally had my ducks in a row and was ready to give it a shot.  Problem was I had no idea where to begin, no idea what the standard was and no Idea how to prepare for stepping on a stage in front of a crowd.  That’s when I ran into Team Pitcher.  I saw Jacques in the gym one day and noticed his Team Pitcher shirt.  I started conversation with him and we started to plan.  He decided he would work with me and gave me my chance.  Jacques was on top of everything when it came to my questions and what I needed next in my training.  His diet, while sometimes excruciating, was tailor made for my body and system.  I feel like Jacques knew which direction I needed to go motivation wise as well.  His words of wisdom and shared experiences made me feel very comfortable with his decisions.  On the 28th of September 2013 I competed in my first Physique competition.  I went to the venue feeling very educated, which I think alleviated a lot of the fear that I may have had.  I was as mentally prepared as I was physically. Even though Jacques was competing in the same show, he still found the time to be there when I needed help.  If Jacques wasn’t available, Kris was, and her knowledge of competition and how to get it done right are paralleled by no one.  Having these two in my corner made my experience in the first show an addiction for more to come.  I feel very proud to be able to represent Team Pitcher, and I look forward to what the future will bring!

~Chris Nelson

This was my third training season with team Pitcher and every season I learn a little more about myself physically and emotionally. This year I have learned a whole lot and it feels so good! I have learned that this whole competing journey was really a battle of me against myself. All along I was trying to prove something. Whether it was to my family or to my friends, it was to show "I can complete something!" In the end, it was me. And I don't think I could've figured that out without Jacques. 
When I first met Jacques my first impression was "this guy is the real deal" he knows his stuff and he ain't messin around! Just what I needed. Someone to keep me in line and hold me accountable. Well! He ended up being my very good friend and someone I can look up to. It is easy for a coach to get you where you need to be and build you up, but where is that coach when you fall? Where's that coach when you emotionally crash and need someone's shoulder? Who prepares you for when you come off that stage and don't know where to begin? Jacques became more than just my "coach" he became my mentor. He is there when I need ANYTHING. I can count on him for endless support and I know he's got my back 110%. You help me grow! (And not just my muscles lol) I'm so grateful! 

Why TeamPitcher? Because there's someone who has heart behind it. Someone who has your best interest. And because you won't regret it

- Ashley Hughes

I cant’ recall a time in the past 30 years that I haven’t had a gym membership.  Everywhere I have lived, Spokane, Seattle, Everett, Missoula, and now Newport, my gym membership was one of the first things I would get set up in my new home town.  Working out, lifting weights, doing triathlons, has always been such a big part of who I am.  Wanting to take it to the next level, I hired a local personal trainer with some experience in the bodybuilding world and we made a plan.  We worked hard, very hard, for a year and a half and I picked a bodybuilding show that I wanted to compete in, it was 4 months away.  Then came the REALLY hard part, I needed to lose fat, lean out and I was getting nowhere.  I thought I was doing all of the right things, but I had it all wrong and it showed on the scale, I weighed 141 pounds.  I struggled for a month and was becoming very discouraged, so I started doing some research to find someone that could help me with this missing piece of the puzzle. I talked with my trainer and told him that I found someone in Liberty Lake that I was going to consult with to be my nutrition coach.  Well, let’s just say that that one phone call changed EVERYTHING!  I met with Jacques I told him that I wanted to do a show that was now only 3 months away.  He was completely professional and completely honest. I was not going to be ready for a show in 3 months so, we picked a show that was 7 months away.  He designed a food plan for me and I was beyond excited!  The support began immediately!  I was now a part of Team Pitcher, I was getting motivation daily thru his Facebook page, I was getting answers to my questions via email or text and support and encouragement whenever I needed him and best of all! I was loosing weight!!  Over the next 7 months, he helped me loose 26 pounds and completely prepared me for my first figure competition thru his contest prep program.   He and his wife Kris are an incredible team, a two for one deal.  She helped me with the selection of my competition suit, shoes, jewelry, and makeup, EVERYTHING!  Complete preparation.  The night of the competition they were there and the day of, Kris was backstage with me every minute, coaching me and preparing me.  I stepped onto the stage for my very first figure competition and because of Team Pitcher, I was ready.  I placed 3rd in Open Figure B 5’2” – 5’4”, and 6th in Masters Figure 40-49.  Because of Team Pitcher, that night was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
Now that I am post competition, Jacques’ support and knowledge is helping me transition into on offseason plan and it is going fantastic! I am looking forward to working with Team Pitcher going forward into my NEXT competition!

-Dalene Zieske

     Trust confidence, safety, integrity, prepared, intelligent, fair, calm, organized, understanding, success, sincere, are just a few words to describe the experience with Team Pitcher and the way Jacques Pitcher guides his team members to achieve personal and team goals. The experience with Team Pitcher surpassed my expectations.
     Jacques and Kris Pitcher are an amazing couple balancing and complimenting each other, which provides their team members with an extraordinary prepared, organized and Confident environment. The foundation the couple provides is extraordinary to witness for example, as they share a glance at one another and other picks up where the other left off completing the necessary critiques as they prepare their team members during practice.  This is a huge benefit to have two sets of NPC judge’s eyes on what you are doing to ensure you are at your best. They both have a remarkable understanding of human behavior which is a huge benefit to help you understand yourself; I feel this piece is essential in personal growth and achieving your goals. A small illustration of this would be the basic need of food and the nutritional choices we personally make. Jacques seems to have a deep understanding of nutrition and our hunter-gather, Hitler beast, which is hard wired lurking deep inside us waiting to destroy months or even years of hard work.  Kris has an amazing way to calculate where you are in the process and brilliantly writes on her blog.  This gift she shares is a wonderful way to motivate and help keep your eye on your personal goals.  The couple provides all team members with a complete package to prepare you for the stage and another important part of the process, the exit plan.  This includes individual and group posing, written materials to help promote great stewardship for the sport and mentally and physically prepare you for success.  All topics are allowed and the environment the couple provides is safe, professional and fun!  The entire time I felt comfortable knowing if I had any questions or stumbled on my own stepping stones, they were there to help and guide me via text, internet, and or in person!  The two of them have an amazing program that prepares the competitors from the beginning of your personal journey to the goal you want to reach a lot could be learned from this extraordinary couple beyond the fitness world.  
     Another extremely important aspect of Team Pitcher is the way Jacques delivers integrity, safety, understanding and sincerity. The guidance he provides is precise and if you can follow his simple laid out plan he will guide you on to the stage at your personal best!  Jacques super intelligence shines through with his guidance in nutrition and his ongoing vast knowledge of the correct way to lift weights to avoid injury and to be the most efficient in reaching your goals.  Jacques goal is to provide you with a service and the experience to be the best for you!  He provided me with a menu made up of the foods I love to eat.  His guidance brought me to the stage with a 3rd place win in figure my first time out!  The entire time I ate nutritional whole foods, and never did I feel malnutrition or dehydrated.  He is well knowledged in the crazy voodoo medical techniques that may be used in the fitness world to gain a win, but his approach is about health and fitness and that is proof to me his integrity is impeccable he puts safety and health first not just the win!  His philosophy and principals are the perfect balance in a win win situation. 

    It finally boils down to trust!  I personally know you will not find a better team …I dare you to try!  I have researched and lived the situation… you won’t find any better guidance! I had met Jacques for the first time just 10 weeks before the Empire Classic 2014.  This was my first show ever, and at the age of 44, you could say there were a lot of insecurities about the upcoming event I was trying to prepare for.  Being a part of Team Pitcher was the best decision I have made, it was the difference between the 3rd place win and not being competitive at all.  Throughout the years I have worked with other trainers, some of them are fantastic but did not provide the complete package.  Jacques philosophy is well rounded and the spectrum provides a remarkable outlook on health, fitness and other areas of your life.  Team Pitcher truly provides a complete package, from the very beginning of your training experience to an exit plan when you are ready.   I want to bring several of my family members and friends, because I know Jacques has a gift in helping people, they will be able to reach their fitness goals too.  I really cannot wait to see where this journey is taking me next and I am anticipating the success to spill over into other areas of my life.  Jacques and Kris Pitcher are an amazing couple, and they truly want you to succeed! 

-Cindy Hansen 

I have always had a desire to push myself to be more physically fit in hopes to gain more self-confidence with my body. Struggling with my self-image, often times I would begin a workout regime just to quit it very soon after, like so many of us do. When I was introduced to Jacques and welcomed onto Team Pitcher with my first bikini competition goals in mind I was thrilled. Jacques personalized every detail of my plan to make it specific to me and I immediately felt that sense of accountability I needed in order to stick to my goals and push myself to new lengths. Throughout my prep I leaned on Jacques to calm me down, be the discerning eye to tell me how I looked, and continue to help shape me into a competitor. I can now say with confidence that I am a competitor. In my first two competitions I placed in the top 10 and before I was finished with the second one Jacques and I were already developing a new plan for a fall show. It was an awesome feeling to know that my coach believes in my ability to improve from show to show and it will continue to be a driving force for me keep putting in the work. I have learned so much from Jacques and Kris and I could never imagine training with anyone else. Having a coach who truly cares about your well-being, listens to you, and makes themselves available to you throughout your journey is vital. These are all things that I have experienced while working with Jacques. I am so excited to see where my training takes me in the years to come, and even more excited to continue representing Team Pitcher. 

-Candace Marshall

I started the prep to my first figure competition as a “bucket list”. I figured I have always led a “healthy” and “fit” lifestyle how hard could it possibly be?! Well I had no idea what I got myself into. I met with another trainer in town that told me I wouldn’t be able to do it and discouraged me on the whole idea. I immediately met with Jacques and from the first time I met with him I knew he would have my back. He has so much knowledge and experience; I started my education from day one. I had no idea that the healthy lifestyle, or so what I though was healthy; was in fact the opposite. Jacques immediately started me on my meal plan and within the first couple months I had dropped 20 pounds and was searching for new clothes to wear. Every week I met with Jacques I learned something knew about myself and how to truly make this a lifestyle change, not only for me but for my family as well. With the help of Jacques and his wife Kris they helped me gain the confidence to step out of my box, and continue to strive for more.  I have to admit the dieting was tough at first and having the energy to make it to the gym and give my all was hard, but Jacques and Kris were there to help me through all the self-doubt and struggle, when I though about giving up they cheered me on and pushed me through.  Between the workouts, meal plan and group posing I finally had the confidence I needed to finish my first figure competition. As I sat backstage getting geared up to go onstage for pre-judging; with some inspirational words from Jacques and Kris and a coat of baby oil, I knew I was able to step foot on the stage holding my head high with confidence and a smile on my face, beaming with Team Pitcher pride.  I had officially been bitten by the competition “bug”, and was hooked.  I knew this is more than something I was going to just check off my bucket list.  With their knowledge, support, many emails and after hour breakdowns later…I placed 3rd in Figure-Novice Class A and 7th in Figure-Open Class A. I am ready to saddle back up and take on NOC 2015, with my eyes on another prize representing Team Pitcher with pride. I HIGHLY recommend Jacques to everyone who is in need of a trainer, a coach, a motivator and friend, someone who will help you meet your needs and motivate you every step of the way, and ignite that spark inside. In fact my husband was so inspired to see the change in me that he is now looking forward to training with Jacques for future competition. A big thank you to Jacques and Kris for everything they have done, and the fire they ignited inside of me. Not only did I have amazing coaches; they turned out to be, a genuine couple with an immeasurable amount of knowledge and experience, whom have everyone’s best interest in mind.
- Ronda Hosfeld

Though I have been active in sports, weight lifting, and group fitness since I was a child, I spent most of my life fighting to keep the fat off.  It took so much effort to maintain a body that I didn’t want to show off in a swim suit anyway that it hardly seemed worth it.  However, when my husband deployed in the Fall of 2012 I turned to the gym as my coping mechanism.  I began eating a more disciplined diet and focusing on weight training.
I met a couple of people at my gym who were competitors.  They looked like normal people during the off season and it made me think that I could do it too.  A friend gave me the contact information for Center Stage Figures & Physiques for posing and a nutritionist out on the West Coast named Jacques Pitcher, and off I went. 
When I started working with Jacques I only thought I was eating healthy.  What, my processed lunch meat and diet snack bars aren’t good for me? No wonder I was struggling.  Over the course of the next eight months I learned about clean eating, how different macronutrients work in my system, and how to time my meals in order to feel satisfied and energized.
I took the stage for the first time feeling confident about my body, placing first in Women’s Physique at the OCB Charm City Classic!
Going into my second season, Jacques helped my reach my goal of coming in leaner with each competition and find a peak week protocol that worked for me.  I walked away with 1st place bodybuilding trophies at the International Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness (INBF) Natural North America, the National Gym Association (NGA) Annapolis, and the American Natural Bodybuilding Association (ANBF) Natural New Jersey Classic where I won my ANBF Bodybuilding Pro Card! 
Being located on opposite sides of the country was not an issue.  I interacted with Jacques via email, text, and social media to make sure I was staying on track.  He was responsive to my MANY questions, letting me know when to make changes and when to power through.  I am grateful for the support I have received not only from Jacques, but from his wife Kris Pitcher and the Team Pitcher family.  Though it will be a while before I compete again, I know I have a support network that is available to me to help me achieve my off-season goals and come in looking even better when I compete as a pro next year.
Raima Cash ANBF Pro

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You have taught me so much….and I look forward to learning more as we work our way to Nationals. You are very inspiring and remain true to the sport. I feel healthier, leaner and happier than I have ever been. I cannot believe the results. Trusting the process, your eyes and constant communication have changed my life for the better in every way allowing myself to truly become more successful one step at a time.
Wow. Just wow. Your level of organization, dedication, motivation and 100% hands on customer service have all blown me away. You have helped me prepare for these competitions physically (what to pack, what to wear, etc.), mentally (plan it and all will work out) and emotionally (first, let’s qualify). Thank you for everything, especially patting my sweaty armpits right before my first time on stage! Lol :) TAN SAVED! You rock and I am forever grateful. Now… LET’S QUALIFY!
Thank you Both!!
-Julie Brown 

I am a 44 year old mother of 3, (including twins!). I've been married 20 years and from 1993-2013 I didn't set foot in a gym. I started attending a few classes in 2013 and then early February 2015, a good friend referred me to Jacques Pitcher and told me I should meet with him and enter a figure competition in Spokane on May 1st, the Empire Classic.

Long story short, I have now done three competitions, May 1, Oct. 10, and Oct 24, 2015. Working with Jacques and Kris I have gone from never have even attended a competition to bringing home trophies every time I've competed, a total of 5 trophies. Their knowledge of the sport is deep and vast. Their keen sense of what I needed to work on and what I needed to eat, how much cardio, which lifts I needed to sculpt and how to manage my water has provided me with the coaching and experience I needed to quickly develop into a confident figure competitor quickly and even compete out of town and qualify to compete at nationals. 

I thoroughly enjoy Jacques' quiet confidence that is zero hype, just execute the daily disciplines and they will add up over 16 weeks. Kris is able to help so many competitors stay on track from posing practices, tips on suits and jewelry, tanning and especially helpful back stage with the details of our numbers, glazing, and make it fun with pictures and photo bombs as well as add value with slight posing corrections to help me improve my presentation.

Team Pitcher is pure professionalism, and worth vastly more than I have ever paid them for their time and talent.
-Edie Labelle

I just finished a 16 week bikini competition prep that I did with the Pitchers. I placed 2nd in my class for my very first show and it was by far the best experience of my life. They make a very easy to follow diet plan and everything is laid out for you. On top of the diet & exercise plan they have posing practice as well, you’re getting taught to pose by coaches that are actually judges so you can’t go wrong there! The best part about my experience was show day in which I didn’t have to stress or worry about anything because they are there every step of the way with you. Kris was literally on stage with me telling me what to do while I was out there! From diet, to training, to posing, to hair, makeup & suit advice, they are there every step of the way. Very genuine people and I’m glad my first competition experience was with them.
-Jordan Engebretson